Conventions and Annotations


Here's a quick run-through of the conventions and annotations that help guide you through using and learning about the H5s scanner. You'll want a proper display of at least 1366x768 pixels, which should be modest by both modern desktop and laptop standards.

Annotation Markup

The following markers and delineators are used to annotate screenshots and other illustrations given on these pages. They are never used within the application itself.



A fixed-position sidenote area containing annotated screenshots accompanies the flow of text. In this format, the illustration is the primary focus and remains constant, while the associated explanatory text is scrolled (or if absolutely necessary, paged) accordingly. The blue dot in the left margin of the text identifies the illustration on the sidenote being described, and a cross-reference from the text to a specific element of the sidenote is made using the superscripting notation shown below. Note both numeric and alphabetic superscripts may be used.

figure figure

External Links

All external links are represented with a superscript flag suffix, such as the one here to the HDF Group. External links always open in the current browser window. It's the reader's call whether to ctrl-click the linked page to put it in a new tab or new window. (The exceptions are "name-brand" links, e.g. twitter.)

Notables : Citations and References

figure Other attributions are given endnote treatment using the following superscripts:

A published or otherwise documented citation Demo image
An informal attribution
Other notable references Demo image


figure Three glossaries are provided. If a term that applies to a glyph is defined and visually illustrated, the first character of the term is linked to the visual glossary. Having a visual vocab for graphical composition elements helps. Additionally, the glossary contains a page where links to documentation on HDF terminology are provided, and lastly there is a glossary page providing links to third-party references.

The Lightbox

figure figure Thanks to Marcus Oberlehner for his very useful perfundo lightbox. Where sidebar illustrations must be scaled to fit or can be expanded to full-page, hit the magnifier or full-screen to display the full resolution image in the lightbox.

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